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Alpine Township owns and maintains the three cemeteries listed below. The Clerk is responsible for cemetery records, grave sales, and rules. All burial arrangements are handled by Venman's Landscape Service: 616-866-0323.

For EMERGENCY weekend burial arrangements, please contact Venman's Landscape Service: 616-866-0323.

Alpine Township's Cemetery Rules

Grave and Cemetery Fees

Alpine Center Cemetery (2400 7 Mile Road NW)
Alpine Center Cemetery (also known as Alpine Town Hall Cemetery or Old Alpine Cemetery) is located on 7 Mile Road just west of Walker Avenue, next to the Alpine Township Historical Museum, the former Township Hall.  Edward Wheeler provided the land for the cemetery in 1854.

Englishville Cemetery (7728 Vinton Avenue NW)
Englishville Cemetery is located on Vinton Avenue just north of 9 Mile Road. This Alpine Township cemetery was owned by a cemetery association group until 1999. The property was a private burial ground until the Alpine Burial Society No. 1 was formed in 1857.

Pine Grove Cemetery (6200 Vinton Avenue NW)
Pine Grove Cemetery (formerly Alpine Cemetery) is located on Vinton Avenue just north of 7 Mile Road. It was established in 1837 when Alpine Village was founded. In 1850, John Colton conveyed the cemetery to the newly formed Alpine Township. The size of the cemetery increased in 1894, in 1921, in 1961, and in 1970.The earliest graves are dated 1842. An October 1940 fire destroyed all of the records for this cemetery up to that point.

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Grave and burial fees are reviewed and updated annually.
Please contact the Clerk at (616) 784-1262 or clerk@alpinetwp.org for additional information.