5255 Alpine Ave NW Comstock Park, MI 49321
Ph: (616) 784-1262 / Fax: (616) 784-1234
Office Hours: 8 am - 5 pm  M-Th.  8 am -12 pm Fri. through Labor Day
Building Department Hours: 7 am -5 pm M-Th.


The Alpine Township Fire Department provides fire suppression and BLS non-transport medical response services to the residents of Alpine Township. The ATFD is a combination department, with a full-time Fire Chief, Fire Inspector, and six full-time firefighters. Full-time personnel are based at Fire Station #1. ATFD operates three fire stations, with responses complimented by paid on-call personnel. Firefighters are also trained and licensed medical first responders, EMT's, and paramedics. All firefighters complete extensive, on-going training for firefighting and emergency medical services. 

If you are interested in joining the Alpine Township Fire Department, please visit the recruiting & employment page.

The Alpine Township Fire Department has 21 active suppression personnel, listed below:

Command Staff/Officers
Rank Name Years of Service
Fire Chief/EMT-B Dave Klomparens 22
Deputy Fire Chief/EMT-P/IC Jeremy Kelly 23
Station #1 Captain/EMT-B   Jim Kremer 34
Station #3 Captain/MFR Ron Heinbeck 52
Rescue Captain/MFR Tim Schweitzer 24
Full-Time Staff
Fire Inspector/EMT Charlee Cordes 17
Shift Lieutenant/EMT-B/IC Brian Stalsonbrug 14
Equipment Operator/EMT-B Trevor Driesenga 5
Firefighter/EMT-B Lance Olney 4
Firefighter/EMT-B Abby Beurmann 6
Firefighter/EMT-B Drew DeMeester 1
Firefighter/EMT-P Dan Royce  
Administrative Staff
Administrative Assistant Diana Post 22
Chaplain Jerry Roersma  
Fleet Maintenance/FF/MFR Todd Verduin  23
Paid On-Call Firefighters
Firefighter/MFR Bryan Alt 11
Firefighter/EMT-P Ashley Gosla 3
Firefighter/MFR Adam Host 11
Firefighter/EMT-B/IC Tom Katerberg 8
Firefighter/EMT-B Steve Kidder 2
Firefighter/EMT-B Justin Maluchnik 2
Firefighter/MFR  Allen Mayo 14
Firefighter/MFR Andrew Stachowiak 25