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Summer tax payment may be delayed until February 14 for 1) qualifying agricultural or horticultural property, or 2) for your residence if your household income the previous year is less than $40,000, and you are one of these: blind; an eligible service person or veteran; an eligible widow or widower; paraplegic or quadriplegic; a senior citizen aged 62 or older; totally and permanently disabled.

Intent to defer must be filed by September 15.

Tax exemptions for disabled veterans and homeowners are available but require the filing of appropriate documents between December 31and the relevant Board of Review.  Our Assessor will assist you with this. Please call Julie Bulerski at 616-784-1262.

Principal Residence Exemption is available for property owners who own and reside in a dwelling on their property.  That exemption decreases tax liability by the 18 mills of school operating millage.  To receive this exemption, you must file a Principal Residence Affidavit with our assessors which can be done when you move into your residence.

Active Duty Military Personnel may retain a Principal Residence Exemption for up to 3 years.  Please contact our assessors about this at 616-784-1262.