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Storm Debris Cleanup Assistance
Residents that are physically or financially unable to complete oustanding tree debris work should call 211 for potential assistance from Volunteer Organizations Assisting in Disasters.  In turn 211 will enter requests diirectly into a system call "Crisis Cleanup" or get the information to someone who can help.  The Volunteer Organizations will receive each "call-for-service": directly through "Crsiss Cleanup". 
Repair work and Permits
To ensure your property is restored safely and legally please make sure:
You hire licensed and insurance contractors.
You receive a written quote for costs of repairs.
Your contractor has references and does not ask for the cost of the project up front.
Your contractor displays your permits at the address where the work is being done.

Alpine Township is under the jurisdiction of the State of Michigan Building Codes and must adhere to those laws and construction rules.  
Master Plan Public Hearing
The draft Master Plan is available for viewing here.  A paper copy is available for viewing in the Twp. office and at the Alpine Twp. Library branch.  The public hearing for the Master Plan will be Thursday, October 19, 2023 at the Twp. Center 5255 ALpine Ave. NW, Comstock Park, MI 49428.  If you have any comments regarding the draft, please let us know.
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